Wednesday, 4 November 2009

We've adopted!

So last night it was dropped off on my doorstep. German Friendship Bread starter. Live yeast to which I am to add sugar, flour and milk and keep around my kitchen for ten days.

But hay, I'm always up for an experiment.

Just looking at the instructions though there are a few things that have got me down.
  1. It's not vegan and while neither am I (yet!) all my baking has been for the last year or so. And I haven't missed cake with milk and eggs.
  2. With all the stuff I have to add I may as well be making a cake from scratch. Especially as it will probably cost as much as two batches of vegan cupcakes.
  3. I haven't got anyone to pass on the starter too yet.
But I guess the proof is in the eating. So check back in ten days time to see if I'm still sceptical. Granted I probably still won't do it again but there will be cake at the end of it.

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