Tuesday, 3 November 2009

If it can't be roasted I don't want to know...

As Vegan MoFo fades away and I'm left wondering what to do with myself now I don't have to arrange my days around blogging. (I know, I need a job) I'm mainly going through the Vegan Lunchbox archive and over analysing carrot cake.

What to feed myself though, that has an easy answer. I'm continuing in my craving for all things roasted. Such as roast segments of delica squash (possibly the closest you can get to the taste of candy floss in vegetable form), carrots and potatoes. Served with a nut cutlet and a blob of tasty but not photogenic saucy haw ketchup.

I know, try explaining that to your Mum. It's quite innocent though. A ketchup made from foraged haws. You know, the fruit of a hawthorn. I'm digging myself into a hole here aren't I?

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