Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Dango Experiment

I've been meaning to make dango since... oh October (although I seem to have lost the post where I said I was intending to make them so you probably didn't know that or think that I was as scatter brained as I am...) so I rolled up my sleeves with a bunch of rice flour to make the three coloured dango from The Manga Cookbook.

Slight disaster. First off the recipe is wrong. There is not nearly enough flour in it. The mixture as written is so wet you can drink it. I managed to salvage, just about, a quarter of it by adding more flour. The shaping was an issue but that's more to do with me so I'll let the recipe off that one. Then came the cooking. The recipe suggests boiling. That was useless, so I switched to steaming for the last two batches. Never mind. They are done now.

I'm exhausted.

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