Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Samosa

I have spent the last few days snacking like mad. Snacking on just about anything I could get my hands on. Given my filo success of Christmas I thought I would try a samosa.

I know. Using filo isn't the traditional way. But as I don't own a deep fat fryer and Stephen considers deep flying an act of Satan anyway (or, at least, too big of a fire hazard to happen in our kitchen) I thought I'd go with filo and baking.

And they were delicious. Not quite as delicious as the traditional pastry but definitely brought back memories of one of my favourite food experiences: one girl bringing her Mother's samosas to celebrate the fictional holiday of Eidmas. Which, should you want to celebrate this at home is an arbitrary date between little Eid and Christmas (barely a month apart that year) that is mainly marked by bringing more snacks than usual into your religious studies class.

I do own several recipe books with samosa recipes in, even heretical ones recommending filo, so once again the choice is somewhat arbitrary. And India's Vegetarian Cooking won this one.


  1. I think it's a great idea to use filo. Much healthier too..do you think the devil owns a deep fryer? Probably..he he!

  2. Both the devil and my Mother. I still want one though!