Thursday, 14 January 2010


Today we were greeted at the door by packages. Beautiful promising packages. Seeds!

So the living room was briefly turned over to planning central. Again. Luckily this year we already have all the pots in place. A few new ones will need to come in but that is far less compost to carry than last year.

That also means that we're going to get blight again. I can pray about the weather and of course I'm going to get new pots and compost for our tomatoes but... I putting most of my hope in starting them early and hoping I can get a productive crop before I have to loose them.

Three varieties this year. The Beef Steak and the Gardener's Delight will make an appearance and we also have a yellow variety to join them.

I'm going a bit mad for climbers. We're going to see if we can make a proper effort with the beans and I have some French chaps and Asparagus Pea to clamber with them.

A new variety of beetroot is to be tried out and we have red varieties of carrots and spring onions.

But on the totally new side of things I'm going to be planting shallots and grown-up onions. The garlic is already in. I couldn't resist adding some tomatillos, one of the purple varieties. Stephen wants potatoes. I'm not getting between than man and his potatoes so that one is totally up to him.

As always our focus is on useful plants but some bulbs, already deep within the soil, will add a splash of colour. Poppy, pot marigold, nasturtiums for useful decoration. And a butterfly mix for the flutterbys.

I'm very overexcited.

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