Monday, 11 January 2010

Ready for the kill...

This post is probably the most icky thing I have ever written. It is not catching me at my most charitable moment or my most vegetarian.

I'm really quite ready to kill now.

All winter we have been dealing with fungus gnats. Which was all fine whatever when they where just hanging around the chilli (of chilli oil fame) that I was about to cut down. but when you attack my gorgeous, beautifully promising crocus bulbs it's time to get angry. And of course it doesn't help that they are in our bedroom now.

One of the most annoying qualities of these gnats is there lack of survival instincts. As in I'm boiling water for pasta and one flies in. Or a drink left on the side. Or mung beans sprouting. Which means a lot of waisted water, pulled faces and general shouts of 'ewwww'.

Summer numbers where kept low by a sticky sunflower on the window. In autumn I snapped and went mad with a can of fly spray. And as much as I love spreading poison around the house it's got to stop. And my current method of waiting till my skin is crawling and then snapping them out of the air is... well leaving me with messy hands.

Stephen has been making noises about carnivorous plants and I've seen this. I guess someone must find them yummy. And if they stay away from my seedlings well then...

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