Friday, 8 January 2010


My vegetable delivery has been cancelled because of the snow. What a shame, I thought, I really need to cook for the blog soon because I haven't posted in ages. Oh wait! Christmas! I still haven't blogged about that!

On Boxing Day I said that I hadn't stopped cooking all December. Which is true although surprises and general Christmas messiness means I'm lacking evidence.

I made chocolate cookies and biscotti for our parents and siblings. But they immediately had to go into boxes, no pictures. And Stephen's parents got a bottle of Sloe Gin (with apologies to my parents but I didn't think it would be safe in the post)and some chilli oil for his brother that finished off the lasts of Stephens beloved organic Italian olive oil. Luckily I had a picture of that before it was decanted.

Christmas day itself we went round to Stephen's parents for the meal his brother was cooking. I brought a vegetarian main - a stuffed cabbage leaf which was, in the haste, steamed for far too long and didn't taste great - and two plates of nibbles. Some Feta parcels and Paneer munchies.

Then I uploaded the pictures and forgot about them for two weeks. Sorry about that.

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