Friday, 19 March 2010

Boxed Up

Once a week I go directly from one volunteer gig to another. Finishing up at Oxfam I have half hour gap before Brownies. And most of that is spent walking and setting up for the first activity. So a while before I leave Oxfam I tuck into my tea. Brought in a box from home. Sure I could just wait until I got home but honestly... you don't want to meet me when I'm hungry.

The boxes of the last two weeks were inspired by buying the large bag of couscous instead of the small.

First up an improvised couscous with caramelized onions, carrot and beetroot salad (with maple syrup for the honey), and mini bread sticks. We had a go at growing some of the ingredients for common prepared food with the Brownies that week so I had the leftover (or leftbefore) hummous to dip the bread sticks in.

The next lunch was a little simpler with couscous and parsley salad, some falafel, and some Devonish garlic chutney that I got as a Christmas present. We bought the falafel, dramatically reduced, from Waitrose and it sucked. It was way too dense and had the strangest texture, like under cooked bread. Next time I'll stick to making it.

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