Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bread Memories

When we ate at the Riverford Field Kitchen we had a problem with the bread. It came before the main meal was served. Only Stephen waited on eating the bread and it was taken away. I kind of wanted to dip some in my broth so we began the taxing process of trying to got the bread back.

After all the food was served we asked for the basket back. No problem! It was placed in front of Stephen, we had a few pieces. Then a different server comes over and says 'this shouldn't still be here' removing the bread basket.

The struggles with the bread basket amused our table but they also deprived us of one of the most amazing breads I have ever had. The Riverford Bread. I've had the recipe as long as I've had the book but only this week have the three flours (white, wholemeal and rye) been spotted together in my kitchen.

It was as good as I remembered. And worth many fights. Aside from being a beautiful brown bread it also makes a fantastic toast, the crust browning nicely. The cornmeal on the outside is a nice touch.

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