Friday, 26 March 2010

Tempeh on Trial

I put Tempeh in my lunch box this week which comes as a bit of a surprise. After reading all the fun and funky recipes in my vegan cook books I had to buy some when I saw it in Totnes.

Then I made something with it. And it was dire. I raced to the bin. Yucky yuk. To be fair I was against it even before I tasted it. It looks like the least appetising thing imaginable. Stephen took to calling it brains.

So I guess I've sold you on tempeh? No probably not. But I didn't write it off completely. I actually bought a second packet. I made a half recipe of the Tempeh Sausage Pastry Puffs from Vegan Brunch. They are so delicious I'm left wondering 'what was that crap I ate before?'

Perhaps, then, it's a very acquired taste. I had the leftovers for lunch with some roasted potato and carrots. Both not at their best cold but still a memorable lunch.

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