Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I phoned Stephen up when I was in London this weekend managing to stretch hours of conversation out of the pretence of seeing if the hamster had been fed or telling him when my train gets in.

One of the things I got constant up dates on were the fortunes of these little buggers. My beans. First one popped up, then all three of the French, more leaves appeared... they're even bigger now because it took me so long to blog this...

I need them outside and looking happy by the time we go away in mid-may. I started them earlier this year because last year my runner bean failed to establish. No amount of my watering could make up for the baking it received when it got outside and then the drenching, and then the baking again.

So I'm hoping they may get established before the summer starts proper. Which shouldn't harm them as we've firmly hit the mild, hot seasidey spring. In fact I'd pay for a spring shower about now.

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