Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spurple Pouting Broccoli

This post is very close to becoming a rant about the weather. I'll try and suppress it. But here appears on my plate something I've usually seen a lot of by now only this year it's been gone. The harsh winter is again to blame.

Purple sprouted broccoli is a gem. It's delicious, it's wonderful, it's lovely. And it always goes down well in our house. No I haven't got Stephen to try it but the hamsters and I both love it. Of course they have much smaller quantities.

So this is the first time it's appeared on my plate. Simplicity then. Oil was heated in the frying pan, a crushed garlic clove added, then the PSB. About quarter of a cup of water was added and boiled off until that wonderful vivid green of steamed vegetables appeared. Then, in the dry pan, I let the leaves crisp and caramelize around the edges to add a touch of sweetness. I cooked a good three quarters of the packet like this (much more than is pictured) and gobbled it up.

As an amusing side dish I had the Asian marinated tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance. As directed I boiled the leftover marinade with a tablespoon of corn flour to make a delicious gravy.

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