Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Our Dig In seeds have arrived! I'm actually a bit less excited about the varieties this year than last year. Possibly because I've lasted an entire season but tomatoes, beetroot and squash just seem a bit more exciting than this lot.

The French beans (making 2 climbing and 1 dwarf so far this year) are in. The carrot I'm waiting so I can have a late crop. The bought ones have been in since early march. The salad will get popped in wherever I can and the basil... well I never have much luck with it but I may as well try.

The Courgette... I've got some free gift Black Beauty left over from last year so I guess these will get saved up for the next seed swap.

This post isn't exactly dripping with excitement is it? But don't get me wrong. It will be a pleasure to watch these guys grow.

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