Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Gram and cheddar shortbread

Last night I made gram and cheddar shortbread from The New English Kitchen (thereby using yet another flour from our massive flour delivery).

These are a kind of savoury shortbread, similar in texture to sweet shortbread but without any added sugar (and of course with gram flour rather than wheat or oat flour). The resulting biscuits were soft, crumbly, and extremely cheesy. The recipe did say to use a very mature cheddar, but using the Cornish Quartz (rating 'vintage' — flavour strength 7) was probably taking it a little too far. I found the recipe made a dough that was far too wet to be workable, and I had to add quite a bit more flour. Even then, slicing the cylinder of dough into biscuits was difficult, and I ended up shaping most of them by hand.

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