Friday, 4 June 2010

So much flour: buckwheat, kamut, gram, spelt...

This afternoon an exhausted delivery man carried a 25 kg box up two flights of stairs and dropped it off at our flat door. What was in this box? Flour, flour, and more flour (and a packet of yeast), all from Doves Farm:

That's 16 kg of strong white bread flour, and 1 kg of each of buckwheat flour, wholegrain spelt flour, barleycorn flour, wholemeal (wheat) flour, gram flour, kamut flour, malthouse flour, white spelt flour, and gluten-free plain flour. I should mention that Doves Farm wrapped the gluten free flours in plastic to keep them from being contaminated.

We hadn't initially planned to buy so much flour. We wanted a massive bag of strong white bread flour as we use so much of it, and Clare discovered Doves Farm. I then noticed their unusual delivery pricing, based on both the price and weight of the order, which can be summarised with the following table:

0 kg - 30 kg30 kg - 60 kg60 kg - 90 kg
£0.00 - £4.99FREE£5.55£11.10
£5.00 - £9.99£6.50£12.05£17.60
£10.00 - £14.99£6.00£11.55£17.10
£15.00 - £19.99£5.50£11.05£16.60
£20.00 - £29.99£5.00£10.55£16.10
£30.00 +FREE£5.55£11.10

The £6.50 delivery on an order worth £5 seems a bit much to me, but what caught my attention was the free delivery on orders of £30 provided they aren't also over 30 kg. Wheat flour costs less than £1/kg, but adding a few more interesting flours (or any of their other products that cost more than £1/kg) will drag the order into the free delivery zone. The vast array of flour in our order totally £30.01. For once it was a coincidence that it hit so close to £30, and nothing to do with my obsessive personality.

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