Sunday, 20 June 2010

Not for eating... yet

One of my favourite things about growing my own food is watching the process. It's fantastic how we get to see more than the finished project. We get to see what the seeds look like, what the leaves look like and sometimes what the flowers are like and how they turn into veg.

Let's take a quick tour.

This is one of my tomatoes. A beefsteak. A common site but no less exciting for it. Especially as it's the first I've noticed to get fruit. At this stage the fruit is as hard as a pebble. It will loose the petals soon, get bigger, redder and, with any luck, incredibly tasty.

This sweet velvet soft and luxuriously red flower belongs to the asparagus pea. They are tiny, dotting the plant. I can just sit and watch them. The leaves of the asparagus pea also curl up at night. I never fail to forget this and it always scares me half to death.

Much more showy than the utilitarian tomato flower is the tomatillo. The yellow frills remind me of the party dresses I wore as a girl being twirled around and around.

We're calling this one the assent of bean. You can see how it flowers, then the flowers shrivel and are pushed off by the growing bean. I'm checking up on this one every morning. Can't wait to nibble it.
And finally a strawberry, just beginning to blush.

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