Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Suh-mores, definitely

S'mores, S'mores, S'mores, how do you eat yours? Leaving aside the impossibility of finding veggie marshmallows here UK s'mores are just different.

For starters we have chocolate digestives. That is a graham cracker (the digestive part) with built in chocolate. We favour the dark chocolate but you can also get milk. So the method is as follows. Take a stick. Put a marshmallow on it. Toast the marshmallow until molten and pleasantly charred. Squish marshmallow between two chocolate digestives.

Like many people I was introduced to s'mores by the Guides. And that's exactly where I found myself supervising the making of them a few night ago. Of course, being veggie, I couldn't have any myself. So I made the cupcakes. From, of course, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

I'm not sure the Guides were as big a fan as I was. A couple of half eaten cakes got snuck back on the plate (in the bin, girls! In the bin!) although one declared it the best cake ever. But then I should remember when feeding the girls that anything that isn't vanilla (occasionally chocolate) with the daintiest bit of icing is suspicious. My best sellers at cupcake sales are the cakes only dusted in icing sugar.

Silly girls. They are delicious.

However the only true but of controversy that we had was in the pronunciation. Is it suh-mores or sam-or-ays? Our guider in charge thinks the latter and, although I disagree with her I do think it's adorable.

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