Thursday, 5 August 2010


Good Morning World. Yeah. I'm not really feeling that. I'm buzzing with energy and still absolutely wiped. Why? Well I've just finished volunteering for Fusion: a fabulous, amazing, incredible arts festival put onto celebrate the Girlguiding UK centenary. There was music, dancing, craft tents, and some amazing installations and street preformers. And it was totally, amazingly incredible.

I was on the Homezone staff. Homezones are hard to explain for anyone who didn't see them in person but they where huge marques that people could leave there bags in, we also collected lost property and lost children. So we had quite a hectic day. But it was very cool I was part of a great team and talking to all the girls as they arrived and helping everyone out was jut so much fun. I got to see quite a few of the acts and I was relieved to catch the finale.

So after two days on site - one to set up and one for the event - I'm shattered, completely in awe of the other volunteers and very, very happy.

Snapshots after the jump.

Calm before the storm: Harewood house during set up.

Arrival, in the rain but still ready for a fantastic day!

A tree cozy made of squares knitted (and some crochet) by Girlguiding UK members.

One of the better dressed acts.

I'm sure I've seen that bear before...

Guides being amazed by one of the walk around acts.

The point at which my Homezone was invaded by a seagull.

The beach, providing hour of entertainment and deckchairs for the exhausted.

One of the more charming gentlemen impressing the crowds.

A flower man on the move.

The wonderful acrobatic acts of the finale.

And if anyone is wondering I do have some Fusion badges available for swaps.

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