Friday, 24 September 2010

Apple Adventures

Spoiler alert for those who might be around us at Christmas: you will get something with apples in it.

Stephen is lucky enough to work in the best office ever which lead to us being given a big bag full of apples. We don't know quite what they are but they are good to cook. As they arrived in the crazy mixed up days between our Cornwall trip and County Camp we haven't had much time to play around but the things we have made have been delicious.

I started with some spiced apple jelly. It totally wiped out my stockpile of jars and is probable what everyone is getting for Christmas. With a pinky champaign colour and smelling beautifully I don't think we'll get complaints.

But for us (or rather myself as I couldn't persuade Stephen of the virtue of this one) are the Invdividual Heart Shaped Apple Galettes from Veganomicon. I'm working my way through all six as we speak.

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