Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

It's been a bit of a bad week here. I've not been able to sleep at night and the building site is in full force at the day time. The place has been vibrating. So when I woke up the other day and decided I must - Must - have Cinnamon Rolls despite never having made them or even had one before I wasn't surprised. My complete lack of logic had just become routine, like waking up at 4am with a desire to practise my gymnastics.

So break out Vegan Brunch! Make the dough, let rise, mix the topping, sprinkle and roll, leave to prove, shove in oven. Happiness is Cinnamon! After never having a Cinnamon Roll before the Boyfriend and I polished off all twelve with only one tummy ache caused by cinnamon overdose.

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