Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Raspberry And Chocolate

On the top of the list for things to do if we get a house with a garden or climb to the top of the allotment waiting list is fruit. Fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit! The balcony provides me with a taster of strawberries and Stephen with a few hands full of blackcurrants but what about the apples, the wineberries, the blueberries... the raspberries?

It's all on the wish list. Until then we try to get the best, most fresh berries possible. And if they're cheap enough to make into jam that's even better. With that in mind we recently made a trip out to Shute Fruit, a cute pick your own near Teignmouth.

Coming home with our raspberries only one thing had to be done. Aside from sneaking one or two straight from the tub that is. First there had to be a cake and because I'm on a coffee cake kick it had to be the raspberry chocolate variation from Vegan Brunch. It was dispatched to work with Stephen (who took the picture) and received rave reviews. A piece managed to make its way into my mouth and I was impressed too. The chocolate raspberry combo was luscious and decadent while the spiced crumble gave it a more down home feel.

The rest of the raspberries where made into two jars of delicious fridge jam. Which opened the door to more culinary potential although I was keeping the chocolate and raspberry theme. Thumbprint Cookies from Vegan with a Vengeance. Happily baked and eaten in the space of one bank holiday Monday.

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