Friday, 19 November 2010

Free Friday: Roasting

We saw some Highland Burgundy Reds for the first time in the supermarket this week. We love them for their nutty flavour, buttery texture and luscious red colour. They're our favourite potato and one of the first things we have to plant should we ever get to the top of the allotment waiting list.

What we usually do when we find these little jewels is to roast them. Then eat them. Yes, our first bag is eaten plain without any distractions. But Stephen's friend Tom was over for tea and reluctant to appear like weird potato enthusiasts I thought this time I'd best serve it with a couple of extras.

Then of course the everlasting vegetarian conundrum reared it's ugly head. What do you put on you plate instead of meat for the traditional roast dinner? Usually I'm just a fan of more veggies especially at my Grandma's who does the most amazing roast. Extra helpings of her sprouts, cabbage and spuds are a delight. When it's my turn to cook I'm quite happy to have a nice bit of roasted squash alongside my spuds. And nothing else to it.

But sometimes you want something that looks special. A re
al centrepiece to labour over. And that's when I remembered The recipe for Tenderstem Broccoli and Sweet Potato Filo Rolls in Vegetarian Living this month. Or should I say Tenderstem® Broccoli.

The amazing Tenderstem advertised with more health benefits and taster then traditional broccoli is a copy written vegetable. Which is kind of weird. It's apparently nothing more than a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale sold under a few other trademarked names in different countries.

Weird. Tasty but definitely weird. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again only because I feel really silly buying a vegetable with an ® after it. However this once I had it. The tops stir-fried until beautifully charred and the tops shoved in these rolls.

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