Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Nothing New This Tuesday (A Vegan MoFo Tragedy)

I'm always torn writing about failures. Mistakes are a different thing entirely, I'm always making mistakes, but outright failures are tough to write. It comes down to this: I want to talk about my failures because failures are part of the process and if people see mine they might not be discouraged about there's. On the other hand who wants to read about something I nearly but didn't cook. So I'll keep this brief.

Today for MoFo I tried to make a vegan spinach quiche based on the asparagus quiche in Veganomicon. I had the pastry ready, the vegetables cooked, the beans soaked over night and put in my slow cooker for four hours. And then when it was time to put it all together I realised I had no walnuts. This week I had no cocoa, I ran out of two types of sugar, two types of vinegar. Our giant bag of bread flour is at an end. But I thought I could get through this one recipe at least without going to the supermarket.

Nope. I accidentally used the last of the walnuts in this lovely orange Pumpkin Baked Ziti Penne-We-Got-Cheap. It was delicious. And I'd love to have it again sometime. If only I could forgive it.

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