Monday, 22 November 2010

Meat Free Monday: Sharing a Love of Cornbread (Biscuits)

As well as sharing a healthy enthusiasm for vegetarian food I also thought I'd share another under-appreciated love this Monday. I'm quite evangelical about some food. Foods I just think we should eat so much more of in the UK. There's squash for one, corn sold still in the husk is another. Why are these things missing from our tables? Another rant for another time. Today I'm evangelical about corn bread.

I only had cornbread for the first time in February 2009. My cousin, my Dad and I where visiting Disney World and my Dad wanted to see more of the on-site hotels. So I booked a table at Whispering Canyon Café and the table came with cornbread and a lot of ketchup, but that's besides the point. I remember it was very sweet, and absolutely delicious. Probably not vegan so in to the kitchen I go...

Today I tried a variant: the Cornbread Biscuits ('biscuits?' 'yeah but like American biscuits, so cornbread scones) from Vegan Brunch and rather than take them out travelling I shared them here in the flat to our guest. Who didn't like them. Because he's silly. They are delicious. And no one can contradict me on that because I am the cornbread (biscuits) evangelist.

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  1. I will be trying those. I have been craving a little cornbread these sound perfect.