Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sloe Hunt

Last MoFo we went out and had a good forage. I've learned a lot more about foraging since then and finding things has gotten a little easier but for this year's harvest I had to go back to the hedgerow we found so fruitful (literally, I suppose) last year. We've promised a bottle of sloe gin to our friends and, this being the first free day I've had for four weeks now, set out hoping there was some left in the hedge.

November is quite late for sloe picking although the autumn and, therefore, fruit development doesn't happen so quickly here in the odd micro climates of Torbay. And with this year being a fantastic one for all kinds of fruit we were in luck. From the same hedge row as last year we managed to pick and pick and pick.

Not only that but the fruit filled branches where, in general, much lower. Preventing me from climbing all over everything and nearly killing myself like last year. We picked responsibly, sticking to paths and taking only what we needed and leaving plenty for other foragers and the wildlife.

We only snagged enough for one bottle for Stephen's workmates. Perhaps if I hadn't done so many Guiders trainings, theme park visits (with Guides), cookery clubs and jam classes we'de be able to make more of our friends happy and slightly tipsy this year. But we are happy with our little harvest.

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  1. Wow you are so lucky to have foudn some sloe berries this time of hte year. I foraged for some in October and there were hardly any for a couple of reasons, someone got there before me and two, the little birdies got them. Enjoy your find.