Saturday, 27 November 2010

One Planet Stir-fry

I'm just going to open this post with one thing: no Dad, we didn't get snow today.

Did that stop if from being cold, however? No it did not. It was so cold we couldn't mark out the new forest garden at Occombe at today's volunteer day. Instead it was tidying up. One of the things that isn't particularly pleasant to tidy up are the perfectly edible, yet odd looking leaves out of the polly tunnel.

Chard and oriental greens: if they have holes in them people won't buy. So we had to go through the rows picking out the imperfect giving the young, new growth chance to thrive. Of course neither the volunteers nor the gardeners like waste so it got given to anyone with a bag and a desire to eat a lot of greens.

I have no idea what I got but, as veggie lovers often say, when in doubt stirfry. Mystery greens cooked down with noodles, a bit of soy and a bit of chilli. Simple, quick, easy. Cool.

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