Friday, 5 November 2010

Squash and Bean Tagine

Like last year I'll be having Free Fridays here for MoFo. A time to write about all the uncategorised inspirations in my life. This week's was a long time coming.

About three months ago something monumental happened. The UK, my UK, got its very own monthly veg mag that appears in broad daylight on a shelf in Smiths. It's mainstream, it's glossy, it's fabulous. It's called Vegetarian Living and it impresses me with its gorgeous recipes. It also impresses me with its bits on foraging, gardening and veg friendly kids stuff. It's basically my brain in magazine format. That is less cluttered and better written.

However as September saw trips around Cornwall and Camp and last month a lingering cold left me practically dead it's taken to the third issue to cook anything. But I chose a good one. The Squash and Bean Tagine has both kalamata olives and butternut squash which makes it perfect in my book. And I also used up the last of the delicious (yellow) green beans we picked at Shute Fruit this summer.

Served with leftover brown rice it was yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. If you don't believe me the recipe is here. I veganised using maple syrup for the honey.


  1. Is that a special kind of rice? It looks amazingly long-grained.

  2. It's plain basmati. Before you start cooking it you brown sugar and spices in the pan and then mix them in before you add the water.

    It's a Parsi recipe and you can find a version here but I used the recipe in Asian Vegan Kitchen.

    It's one of my absolute favourite ways of preparing rice. It's especially good with more spicy food.