Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Squash Box

MoFo weekends for me are all about two things: catching up on my cooking and catching up on my blog reading. Perhaps a little post of my own too.

Last year I had my very first pumpkin and instantly became a convert. Getting squashes for eating isn't an easy task in the UK but luckily Riverford, our veg suppler and general hero, do a fantastic squash box. Giving me these beauties to play with.

And the first thing I did was totally thanks to MoFo. I saw the Cooking Green Food Up North post about making purée and I had to go for it. I see baking in my future.


  1. I love squash, if you get hold of a spaghetti squash you should try the spaghetti squash mexicana recipe from Veganomicom, it's SO good!

  2. I'm totally on the look out for a spaghetti squash for that very reason. But the only one I've seen this year was a out of season one shipped from Greece. As it was nearly our season I thought I'd wait. Oh well.

  3. "Getting squashes for eating isn't an easy task in the UK"

    You've a local Waitrose, have you not, Clare? They always have a fantastic selection.