Monday, 20 December 2010

I'm not giving anything away, except chocolates

As we're all about sustainability and spreading the hippy love a lot of gifts we're giving this Christmas are hand made. There isn't much I can reveal right now, Stephen is getting some hand knit socks and the more traditional family members have stylish cards from Jessica Gully Design. The rest is though is a bit of a surprise.

But some gifts have already flown the nest. These lovely and tempting chocolate wafers where made for the ladies of the Library at Torbay hospital. I've been volunteering with them for the last six month and while they are the type of organised people who remember how to spell names and write out cards I'm not. So they get chocolate. As an edible at least they don't have to worry about recycling it.

I made dark chocolate wafers with pink sprinkles (we had them in the house, naturally) and diabetic friendly white and milk chocolate with roast hazelnuts for our diabetic boss. Beyond easy to make and impressive once they'd been shuffled off the baking tray and into their decorative bags. The recipe (not followed exactly) came from Gifts from the Kitchen, my early Christmas present from Stephen.

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