Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Lunchbox For London

I'm not sure if I've told everyone yet so I'll write about it here. I spent Thinking Day attending a Parliamentary Reception an honour that I'm still not sure I deserved but which I really, really enjoyed. Of course I live in Devon and nobody thought to build the Houses of Parliament out here so this meant getting up at an early hour, putting something uncomfortably formal on and getting on a train. I also needed a packed lunch.

So I packed leftover Tenderstem Broccoli and Sweet Potato Filo Rolls, pasta tossed with bread crumbs (the ultimate leftover) and tender stem leftover from the making of the leftover rolls, grapes and some leftover pita bread made into pita crisps. It filled a gap, even if it didn't stop me from being incredibly nervous.

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