Monday, 21 February 2011

Pita bread, fresh from the oven

Undoubtedly the best thing about going to the supermarket in the evening is the steep reductions on things that are apparently going to become inedible at midnight but can actually keep going for another few days at least. This is how I became addicted to Waitrose's Spinach Falafel. However the same principle lead to falafel overdrive this week when my normal spinach ones and Cauldron's were really, really cheap. The pita bread I like to have with it is never reduced so I though I would make my own.

I used the recipe from How to Cook Everything: Vegetarian and, even though the idea of measuring flour with cups freaks me out a little bit, they turned out great. We had fresh pita bread for lunch and plenty of leftovers. I am afraid that the Cauldron Falafel didn't convert me. They are too smooth and well blended for me, I need a bit of texture. I'm sticking with my spinach ones.  

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