Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snack time

With depression always an issue it's important to me to watch what I eat. When things are bad it's easy for me to skip a meal and, as you can probably imagine, that just makes things worse. A lot worse. And for day to day mood maintenance I've always found one thing very important: snacking.

If I haven't had something to eat around three o'clock it doesn't matter how much you love me, you wouldn't want to be around me. That extra energy is useful for other things too. When you come home with your hunger meter on low it's hard to summon up the energy to cook a vegetable filled nutritious meal and instead I find myself reaching for the quick, easy and crappy or the take away. But when does afternoon snacking go too far? I think it went to far for me when I bought a bag of pre-cut apples and grapes. Seriously. I can cut apple up.

So I did. I took a 300ml container and a 100ml container both from a stacking set I bought at Paperchase this time last year. I filled one to the brim with lovely, luscious apples and grapes and another with pita crisps made with love from Veganomicon. Add some very chilled water and I think we have a snack.

What about you? What do you take when you are packing a snack. Salty, sweet, fruity, anything... What do you like to nibble?

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