Friday, 11 February 2011

Portobello Feijoada

There is great happiness when Portobellos arrive in the veg box singing and dancing aren't out of the question. I love them. I love the marinated (you have to marinate!) and grilled for a good burger or grilled and shoved in a dish like my Mushroom Chilli Noodle Bowl. Portobellos are happy food. And when they come in the box I'm never short of ideas. This time they where pounced on to make Portobello Feijoada from Viva Vegan!

The Feijoada, White Rice and Chard Spiked with Chilli

Now granted I have the three hours that it takes to cook the dish but I don't have the couple of quid it takes to buy TVP (recession = fun) and I always find the texture a little iffy anyway so I used a few extra beans instead. It was satisfyingly scrumptious, a good hearty meal paired with white rice and some stir-fried chard.

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