Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Red Flannel Hash: Food of the Gods

Occasionally when I throw my pictures into photoshop to try and correct the crappy winter light my tongue will get over excited. It will jump up and down (okay, possibly this isn't literal) thinking about how gorgeous that was when we ate it last night and how it had no idea that there was any left but yes it would make an awesome breakfast. At which point I have to break it to my tongue "no honey, it's just a picture. Calm down, have a cookie."

Today the gorgeous food in question is the Red Flannel Hash from Vegan Brunch. I thought it would be an excellent way to serve the beetroot out of the Riverford box but I had no idea it would be this fabulous. I mean, I knew it would be gorgeous. I was so in love with the chopped veggies that I had to arrange them into brightly coloured bowls and take a picture. And yes, I'm aware that that is a very strange impulse.

It was very easy to cook even though, as I don't have an oven safe frying pan, I had to transfer it from frying pan to casserole dish. The taste is fantastic. I was blown away by the simplicity of it but of course when your potatoes are starting to brown and your beetroot and onions a fabulously caramelised simplicity is all you need.

I was a little reluctant however to eat a plate full of hash. So when I chucked the hash in the oven I wiped down the pan and had just enough time to fry some mushrooms and chard, throw in a little soy and watch the boyfriend play Monkey Island on the Wii. 

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