Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fairtrade Fortnight: Hot Chocolate

An end to the frantic excesses of the last two weeks: a steaming mug of hot chocolate with squirty cream and giant buttons. Both the hot chocolate and the buttons are Cadburys. Cadbury's have a few products that are Fairtrade which is sightly good/bad news as far as my shopping trips are concerned. Bad news because having a cheap, ubiquitous Fairtrade chocolate means that some places have discontinued selling other Fairtrade brands or only put them in bigger shops which means I can't get some favourite products locally now, even ones that haven't been 'replaced' by Dairy Milk. 

But overall I think it's incredibly positive that I can get Fairtrade chocolate from almost any corner shop. Places that probably couldn't have afford to stock Fairtade without one of the biggest, most popular chocolate companies switching over. So now I can walk down to a local business and buy some Fairtrade chocolate. Which is slightly incredible. I've not been grown up enough to do my own food shopping long but back in 2005, when I left home, I didn't see this one coming.

Still though a lot of the things we've bought this fortnight have been bought on special visits and long bus rides. I really hope that it will be just as easy to find Fairtrade golden syrup and pasta in the future.

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