Tuesday, 29 March 2011

More Rainy Days

It's officially an annual tradition! March rain bring all sorts of loveliness with it. The extra water seems to give plants an excuse to throw out lush leaves. Seedlings take it as a opportunity to poke their heads up. We've even got some flowers forming.

My chives were sown from seed back in 2009 (wow... the balcony before it was covered in pots!) and have been my constant garden companion since them. We love them as an ingredient in just about everything or sometimes just as a flavourful garnish. I'm really looking forward to the gorgeous, edible flowers.

If there is one vegetable I've fallen in love with since starting to grow my own it's chard. Here are some 'bright lights' seedlings. I'm happy to have them in my garden again this year.

Also half out of their seeds are these calendula. They are growing in front of the window for a gorgeous an extra bonus to the incredibly useful edible and medicinal flowers. 

And one that never, ever stays suppressed for too long: mint. I can't be annoyed by it's tenacious growth. I love the flavour too much and the reliability soothes a nervous gardeners soul.

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