Monday, 16 May 2011

Skulls and sewing machines

I've been feeling itchy lately, yes the eczema is acting up again but also I need new clothes! I'm a little dissatisfied with my wardrobe and none of my button up blouses seem to fit any more (I'll leave it to your imagination as to what has grown) So with some prompting from the Boyfriend I sat down with some fabric and got to work.

The fabric in question was about three meters of skull and crossbones fabric. I bought it around Christmas time in the John Lewis Sale and I can only imagine that it was supposed to be made into soft furnishing for a pirate obsessed children's room. Or you know, I could dress myself out of it.

The top is made from Simplicity 3750 which I've made before. This time I made a few alterations My notes from last time said
I took out the sash, lengthening the bottom front. Next time remind me to drop the top front down two inches, cut the length of the elastic shorter by another one and clip the armholes shorter by a half.
Again took out the sash (so I didn't have to go out and buy contrasting fabric) and this time I made adjustments to the bust and armholes so that instead of just vaguely hanging off in all the right parts it fit like a glove. This time I also threw in the cap sleeves.

When I still had enough fabric left to drape around my bottom half I decided on a skirt. I just went for it really. Measuring my bum, adding in seam allowance, holding it up with a drawstring and adding a lightly gathered tier. 

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