Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stripy pixie skirt

Unlike the projects I posted yesterday this had an unintentional pirate look. I knew I had to do something different and a little bit showy with this red and black striped fabric. I didn't really feel like playing match up with the stripes, I considered a circle skirt but I thought the keeping it square for a pixie skirt would be much more dramatic.
Chester Cathedral: a dramatic backdrop for a dramatic skirt

Then I decided to go for double layers to keep everything out of view. Although, as my family advised, I should have also gone put some shot in the hem for that. This is not a windy day skirt. Apart from that tiny problem it is certainly fun to wear. It has plenty of volume and the stripes looked fabulous running all over the place.
Side view, in the Chinese garden to show off the volume

It fastens with a zip I salvaged from another piece so I was able to make this without going to the shops. I kind of followed the instructions at What The Craft?
The big, bad hem.

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