Monday, 18 July 2011

I Bought A book: Everyday and Sunday

Cartwheels, that's what I thing of when I hear there is a new Riverford recipe book coming out. I especially liked the concept for this one. separated seasonally, each month has recipes that are 'everyday' and easy to put together and a one or two more special 'sunday' feast. For fellow vegetarians the book is a treasury of great vegetable dishes although there are some meaty offerings and, annoyingly, one of 'our most popular vegetarian main courses' the Chard, Spinach and Blue Cheese Torte contains 50g of Parmesan. So not vegetarian then. However I'm glad to see the the vegan variation on the courgette fritters and can't wait to give them a try.

I've had the book for a month now and have managed to test it in the kitchen. For my first go I went for a recipe for broad beans because they are so seasonal and special that I have to try something new with them each time that come into the the kitchen. I tried them in the Salad of Broad Beans, Feta and Mint. It's a lovely salad, totally refreshing with the mint and feta working perfectly together and the broad beans rounded it off nicely.

With more broad beans in the box I put together a batch of Red Pepper Dressing to go over some broad beans and grilled polenta. It would have gone fine if I hadn't overcooked the broad beans in an effort to do 70 things at once. The red pepper dressing did go very well with the polenta though.

You can get a copy from Amazon or have one put in your box

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