Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Scalloped Edge Skirt

Quick, before I blow Away!
As I pulled this skirt on this morning I realised that I had forgot to blog about it. My brain seems to be elsewhere right now but never mind, better late than never.When I bought Lovely Things To Make For Girls Of Slender Means back in may I was enchanted by the scalloped skirt in it. Not so much the skirt actually but the background of the picture of the skirt. The gas fireplace and heaps of books and magazines stacked everywhere made me think what my life would be like if I didn't have someone telling me to put away the books. I used to sleep with 10 or so in my bed, can't get away with that now.

I didn't really feel like paying for the fabric or going to the effort of making a skirt just to scallop the edges so I hit the charity shops finding this New Look pencil skirt for £1. Not arguing with fate it came home. The first thing I did was unpick the bottom hem and press it flat, ready to install the hem.
Getting the hight right

I used a CD as my template for the scallops. Later I realised that I could have done something cool with pi to make a neater edging but it didn't come to mind at the time. I drew the edge on to a piece of paper first. This gave me an idea of the depth of the scallop so I could cut off a strip that deep from the unpicked hem. This would but the facing.
A facing is born
I pinned the facing fabric to the skirt and used chalk to draw the scallop shape. After I had it drawn on I took the scissors to both pieces of fabric at once. Apparently I thought this would be quicker. Instead I had the stress of juggling both pieces of fabric, a pair of scissors and pinning myself. Oh well.
The facing, and skirt, ready for pinning. 
I separated them to zig-zag the new edges. I pinned the skirt and facing again, right sides together and followed the contours of the scallops as closely as I could with the machine. When turned the right way round it looked jagged and scruffy. I took the skirt over to the ironing board with a rounded butter knife  and carefully pressed each of the scallops into shape.
No, there isn't anything to see.
The final step was to embellish each one with a different off button from my collection. And wear to Barnstaple, of course.

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