Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hand made gifts for a gardening friend

We were very happy to learn that one on the trainees at Occombe farm was going on to a different project but very sad to see her go. So we sent her off as only we can do. Hand made gifts. Obviously something from the kitchen, Stephen whipped up a batch of his famous fudge and I set to work on the sewing machine.
Dotty green garden fun

The apron was made from the directions in You Grow Girl which is probably the best basic gardening apron ever. This is the second one I've made. My own, made of mismatched vintage fabrics, is always proving useful as a place to put the secateurs and pasty wrappers.

A little owl, not to be confused with Little Owl
I though this cute little owl might look good as a brooch, especially as the recipient is a fellow Brownie leader. What I especially liked about this project is that it took 20 minutes or so to knit and twice that time to pick out the right colour of floss and buttons. Typical of me really.

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