Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tiny Knitted Things

Things have been a bit topsy turvy here. I have some bigger projects under way but in the mean time these tiny little knits are helping me stay sane, and feel like I've accomplished something.

This one is partly practical. I've been doing more volunteer days at Occombe farm which means I'm not in walking distance of home at lunch time. So there are more lunches out and you can only eat so many homity pies before you break down and pack a lunch. So I needed an apple cozy.
Speaking of Occombe, they have started their organic box scheme going and I thought the packing shed would look nice with a few knitted veggies about. I started with a carrot as I had leftover (and all of these projects came from tiny balls of leftovers I could never throw away) bright orange DK.  
I knit a second one for the flat which is currently sat on the desk with my gorgeous baby Totoro. We grow our own food so having Totoros about the place is a must. They help with yeilds... honest... okay but they are cute. 

And we always need cute things. Like this little heart that matches our bedroom perfectly.

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