Monday, 26 September 2011

Cowboy Cookies and A Working Oven

The nice gentleman with the new element came round on Friday and I've been baking. Baking! First I made a brownie. I didn't manage a picture of it because it was dark by the time it cooled and the piece that was left for me when I came home from church on sunday the piece left for me was about 6cm. So more like a crumb than a piece.

I also made a batch of these little guys. Cowboy cookies. My brownie stealing boyfriend, you may remember, wouldn't eat nuts once upon a time. Of course I also, apparently, cared about calorie counts back then and now I couldn't give a... anyway... Stephen has been trying new things and liking them. Including nuts so I'm able to look at recipes like these cowboy cookies in a new light especially as they are packed with some of his new favorites: oats, pecans and coconut. And they have chocolate.

They also taste fabulous with a good crisp outside and cakey centre. One bite is indulgently chocolate filled, another one has the sweetness of coconut or the caramelized nuttiness of the toasted pecans. Win. I've delivered the leftovers to Stephen's work mates. The recipe, no surprises, is from the fantabulous Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar


  1. I was just looking at this recipe a few minutes ago! My vegan oatmeal cookies from that book just came out of the oven:) I really want to make these guys

  2. Ohhh haven't tried the oatmeal...