Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cold and Fried

So. It's ten days to the start of Vegan Mofo '11 and I don't have a working oven. It's like the end of the world. The heating element has gone to the big oven part factory in the sky and we're waiting until a new one can be sourced. In the mean time all my cravings involve things that are baked or roasted and I've been distracting myself with frozen and stove top wonders so I don't go crazy for lack of cookies.
Small portions: not usually my thing
I made ice cream yesterday, just in time for Brown Owl to come over and try some plan the next term of Brownies with me. There have been three bowls eaten but not one decorative photo taken so I scooped a single spoonful out of the freezer for this very important purpose. It's the recipe form Veganomicon which I first used last mofo only this time I went for the vanilla and made the mistake of only churning every hour which lead to bigger ice crystals. It tastes good though I might try it with a little less vanilla next time. The brand we buy tastes a bit alcoholic sometimes.

My Baby, bravely facing the sea 'breeze'

This thing is probably my one and only chilli this year. After the money we spent on plugs too. It just hasn't been a great year with that dry start to the season stunting everything. On the positive side I got to make this into a curry using the last of the beetroot from my veggie box.

The curry comes from Everyday and Sunday and is creamy, silky, and devilishly red. Perfect curry comfort food with two of your five a day served here with mixed brown basmati and wild rice.

Still I'm counting down the days until I can have a cookie.

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