Thursday, 27 October 2011

Food Friends: Free-form Chocolates To Make With Little Hands

As I've written about sharing food knowledge this mofo I though I'd also throw in a recipe idea for things to make in the kitchen. These super fun and super cute free-form chocolates are great to make with kids. Or just as a late night snack.

I've made simple circles with Brownies (7-10) and they found it easy to do as long as someone else melted the chocolate. Older kids I've done different shapes with although given enough time and a reminder that perfection is the enemy of good I'm sure younger children would enjoy simple shapes too.

What you need is a bar of chocolate. I've used dark here because it's the easiest vegan chocolate to buy but I've also done it with vegan milk chocolate. You could add a touch of black food colouring to make it more festive. White is a little more difficult to work with, it is much easier to overheat, but it would make lovely little ghosts if you feel up for it.

You might also want some decorations. Sprinkles to stick on top of plain circles, nut or even strawberry laces to work as spider's legs. But what really makes this project is a good baking parchment. You don't want anything at risk of sticking, you may want to test some first. I've seen it done on cellophane but that's not really for me.

1. If you are making shaped chocolates draw a template onto your baking parchment.
For once my bad drawings pay off, you want rough, fairly chunky shapes

2. In a small glass or ceramic bowl over a pan boiling water, melt your chocolate (cleaning hint: the boiling water can later be tipped into the bowl for easy cleaning)

3. Once the chocolate is melted hand it over to your little person.
Fill in with a teaspoon...
4. Have them drip it onto the chocolate. If they are making patterns use a teaspoon to fill in the large areas and use a toothpick or a skewer to fill in the detail.
Use a skewer for detail...
5. Decorate the chocolates before they set. Use your imagination and go nuts.

Sprinkle some sprinkles
6. Leave to set and then... stuff your face.

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