Friday, 28 October 2011

Free Friday: Nasturtium Jellies (Again)

I only grown red nasturtiums but last year I made jelly with mixed colours from Occombe farm and the jelly turned out a little lighter. After writing up the recipe last week I decided to try and get my hands on nasturtiums in three different colours to see how the finished jelly was different.
Not quite the rainbow I was looking for

Turns out not as different as I was expecting. I started with a pile of yellow, a pile of orange and a pile of red flowers. I worked on the yellow ones first as I was expecting more of a difference. And as the colour seeped into the water it was quite different. As I strained the petals it was still different. But what I wasn't expecting at all is the effect the rice vinegar has. Excitingly it makes the mixture red. The yellow evened out into orange, the orange into a orange-red and the red, well the red stayed red. They all look stunning though.

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