Thursday, 20 October 2011

Food Friends: Preserving the Love

The reason that I prefer the 35oz jars is that they are small. One benefit is that in a two person household it means less spoilage, the other is that it allows us to put little 'sample packs' of the preserves we've been working on all autumn together as Christmas gifts. I usually don't post about them until I've packed them up and sent them off but this one is going out a little earlier.

One of my Brownie leaders is a big fan of chillies. I had intended to grow a few plants this summer and share my harvest with her by making some kick ass chilli jelly. That didn't happen. I got two chillies. But thanks to apple day I had the ingredients for this jelly hanging around the flat. I thought about string chopped chilli in but instead I went for suspending a single, tiny chilli in each jar. It's lovely and fiery but hopefully not hot enough to scare the people on my Christmas list.

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