Saturday, 22 October 2011

In which I convince myself that stew is fabulous

It's been a busy week: I've been getting over the annual mofo illness, making all sorts of preserves, spending massive amounts of time baking with frustratingly wet dough. I've taken Guides down a cave, I got them all back out, then I did the same with my Brownies. Now I'm tired.

And I need something comforting, something tasty, wholesome and simple.
Worth arguing for
Tastebuds: Ohhh you know what? We should eat stew.
Rational Brain: We don't like stew.
Tastebuds: just think of it like a curry without the spiciness of it all or a chilli without beans.
Rational Brain: Or a soup with bits. Look, we don't like stew.
Tastebuds: I promise this time will be different.
Rational Brain: Okay then but you better make this good.
Tastebuds: Well let's think of what we've got.
Rational Brain: Why do I have to do all the hard work? Okay, you insisted on us buying some cavelero nero yesterday, and tempeh last week. Which you still haven't ate, by the way.
Tastebuds: Smoked paprika, we still have some of that.
Rational Brain: Yeah, you've only managed to eat quarter of a jar in a month you obsessive freak. So what is the plan then?
Tastebuds: Smoky Tempeh and Green Stew from Appetite for Reduction

Stephen: I can't believe you just spent half of a blog entry talking to yourself.
Clare: Who cares? The Stew was incredible.

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  1. I love the dialogue! :) Especially the 'soup with bits' part! Looks great, but then again, I love stew! ;)