Monday, 10 October 2011

Local Loves: Cockington Chocolate Company

I swear that we are not going to use this spot just to talk about chocolate. That being said: chocolate. Cockington has recently expanded it's craft studios and there are some really good new businesses that have moved in. There is a lovely husband and wife team selling all sorts of crafty bits, some fabulous furniture painters, someone making canoes and other shops that I can't remember because I suck. Today, lets talk about the chocolate.
The Cockington Chocolate Company in it's pretty home

Cockington Chocolate Company is owned by the same blokes that run the cafe which means you can get chocolate and ice cream from the same people. Or impress your relatives with a real Devon cream tea and then buy chocolate. You could also buy chocolate from the cafe and then go round the back and buy chocolate from the craft studios, hiding how greedy you really are. Just me? Okay. 

All that camouflage and we still ate them...

Anyway. The chocolate is made right there so you can see all the fancy chocolate making machines and the funky moulds and whatnots. Since it opened we've made it a tradition to go in, tell each other what we want everything in there for Christmas and picking out something little to nibble on our way home. This time we picked these dark chocolate peacocks which are absolutely stunning and incredibly delicious.    

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