Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Bought A Book: Vegan Pie In The Sky

It's taken me a long time to get this one which is both a shock (must have new books day come out!) and a shame. I don't think there can be anything I can say to recommend this book more than the names Isa Chadra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero sitting on the front cover already do. I do though. I do recommend this book. Wholeheartedly.

The first section gives us the basics on pie. Your essential ingredients, the bits and bobs you need to cook one, how to get the perfect crust. There isn't really a sweet pie culture in the UK (aside from apple, generally looking sad in school dinners) and when I was growing up the distinction between type of pies was 'tater and meat' or 'meat and tater'. I really needed the primer.

Then the recipes going above and beyond the delectable fruit pies (I'm going to buy so many berries this summer!) Into the realm of cheese cakes (not a tub of toffuti in sight!), moose and pudding pies, tarts and toppings. Need to cook so much out of this one. Still you have to start somewhere and my rough looking rookie pies came from the fruit section.

Turns out it's easier to weave a fence then a pie
I made a half sized She's My Cherry Pie for Stephen's parents. I re-purposed a casserole dish to cook it in, still looking for cute British pie plates but this is the best I could find in twenty minutes in Torquay on a Saturday. I loved making it and, through my mother's eyes, looks lovely but I didn't eat it so I can't tell you about the taste.
Bleeding Heart
I did get to try these yummy Strawberry Filled Hand Pies before shipping them off to Stephen's work. They where delicious, if a little messy round the edges.

I've been super happy with everything I've made from Vegan Pie: In the Sky so far and I can't wait to get back in the kitchen.

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